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            Every march and October is the activity of termites season, termite almost everywhere. Whenever the wind before the heavy rain, people always see flying, empty out of great waters ant group. After they fell to the ground will take off wings, to continue their chase courtship dance on the floor. These are the termites reproductive ants; After they find a mate, they will drill into the palace of wooden floor or wardrobe, etc., to build their nests.

            Termites make thousands of little white ants home every day after all wood, furniture and luxury decoration. The damage caused by very quick, even may do harm to our lives, so it is important to effective prevention and control of termites.

    (Taiwan's milk termite eggs)

    (Taiwan's milk ovarian)

    Termite control scheme
    Five jiang pest control company specialized for termite control, to help you stay away from the termite infestation
            Over the years, five jiang pest control has been committed to help you get rid of termites, brought by the so we know when you find termites frustration very well. Fortunately, we have kept the latest termite control technology, and the technology in recent years has made considerable development. Five jiang pest control experienced service personnel to use the top technology and the complete solution for termite control for you.

            Due to termites of very stubborn, it is recommended that you don't try to resolve itself but by professionals.

    Five jiang pest control service is the first step of the ants live free thoroughly check, thought you made-to-measure solutions of termites.

    How to determine need termite control?
    Judge termites existence common signs:
            S noise - when intrusion by termites, such as a button by its invasion of wall, floor or bottom floor structure, termite soldiers may hit the head, violent hear tapping sound.

            S waste - dry wood termite droppings is small, a six-sided cylindrical fecal pellets, length less than 1 mm, dark brown. Easily found in invaded on timber exports hole.

            S ant - ant road is made up of tiny dirt particles and partially digest of sawdust, extends to the trees, from the ground or distribution in the concrete foundation and other exposed on the surface. Termite is the purpose of building ant way to safely from their underground nests to the premises.

            S piles of wings/fire ant - fire ant is winged adult males or females, usually occurs when in high humidity. These fire ants QuGuang, so can be found in the position of the window they; There is a way to confirm whether there are termites, namely the view window, if there is a fall off the wings of the floor or other places. Fire ant is the first signal of termite activity around.

            S damaged wood - when workers feed decayed wood, they will decay inside the wood out of the channel. In some cases, the termite invasion in a few years to detect, because termites decayed wood, from within and from the outside look of wood is intact. If the harm is serious, the wooden structure of the support will be weakened or even collapse. Soil termites nest is a chew the sawdust, saliva and excrement wrapped into a "box" structure of the LeiZhu can nest on the ground or air.

            For door-to-door survey or know more detailed termite control scheme, please feel free to contact us to five jiang pest control service hotline: 4008-571-328.

    Termite prevention before construction
            Pretreatment or soil treatment before building need to be at the bottom of the building structure erection termites termite barrier to prevent soil, it should be completed before the building construction, namely before the ground laid concrete plate using hydraulic spray gun termites insecticide sprays on construction site. Earth termites in contact or ingestion hydrophilic termite bait agent will not immediately after death, when they returned to their nests, and put the baits spread to other company. Soil water saturation, but it's going to rain too moist or affect the kill effect. 

    Termite control after the construction
            Before the construction of some buildings were not appropriate pest control processing, it provides an opportunity for soil termites. Soil termites can, through the ground from a nest to another. Their foraging activities will damage the wall around the foot line, floor, door frame and even the ceiling structure. Late construction control is suitable for building pest treatment has been built.

            Although want to place termites baits in the bottom of the building as a barrier has been impossible, but we can be in soil termites into the building may take place set up barriers, such as: building all of the entrance, near the pipe and other important position.

            Construction termite prevention first need technical personnel of the building after a thorough investigation to identify the position of the termite colony with soil, and then implement appropriate termite control in the related area. Next may need to determine the exact location on the floor after setting so that the termites baits injection into the basement.

            Hydrophilic termites termite baits by acting on the soil of the central nervous system make its slow death. When the termites into processed through the soil contamination to different doses of baits and then return to the nest. In the next few days, other termites through contact with infected. After building termite control only through the correct implementation of the professional service technicians can achieve the ideal effect


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