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            Hangzhou five jiang pest control co., LTD., is a professional pest control services for and management of the company. At the same time is also a member of the Chinese association of pest control, anti-pest technology association member, zhejiang province, hangzhou health pest control association members. Company founder Mr Hu Guoxiang in the 1980 s has been in the rat pest and termite xiaosha research work, in July 2005 and June 2007, has established the "hangzhou five lakes termite control co., LTD." and "hangzhou five jiang pest control co., LTD.". Set up the deratization industry leader in the industry leading image, in the region has a higher visibility.
            Since its establishment, the direction of the patriotic health campaign committee at all levels and relevant departments of the support of the help, now has a group of professional skills training service team, and promote the use of conform to the environmental protection standard, efficient, safe and convenient to use health insecticides, the social from all walks of life is dedicated to provide you with more specialized insecticidal deratization services. Such as: government agencies, property management community, schools, railway stations, food factories, commercial office buildings, high-grade star hotel, dining entertainment industry, supermarkets and other enterprises and institutions. Business scope also from the initial yuhang district, extended to hangzhou, huzhou and wenzhou, ningbo, shaoxing, jinhua, quzhou, jiangsu, jiangxi, fujian and other regions.
            As the company continuous development and expansion, the company management system and personnel training mechanism and synchronization is perfect, the company has developed a series of management system, such as the grooming requirements specification staff dress; "Civilized behavior" unified the staff's professional quality; Regulations on the service site management staff at the scene of behavior; The training and examination of regular employees on the improvement of professional skills and consolidate, and participate in through the national pest control examination, and so on.
            Company staff adherence to the "customer first, service first, the unity cooperation, create brilliant," the purpose, and constantly to provide for our customers in accordance with ISO9001:2000, ISO14000, HACCP and other international certification required by the pest control services.
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