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    School education rat pest control scheme
    Release date 2013-10-12  Browsing number2305 [Back]

    School education rat pest control plan:

    The harm of harmful organisms of school education:

    1, insect corpses or waste caused by microbial contamination, brings to the students' physical health threats;

    2, such as rats and mice can destroy houses, causing direct losses;

    3, rat nibbling at wire, can cause electrical wiring short circuit caused by the fire;

    4, cockroaches, also known as the pests of the computer, can bite the computer lines caused by computer failure;

    5, pests around carrying dangerous microbes, can spread the plague, dysentery and other diseases;

    6, pests can cause the image of schools and training institutions and the damage of the brand.

    How harmful organisms into the school:

    1, the external environment to move in;

    2, turnover and other books, stationery, food and so on to carry into;

    3, students carry into;

    4, through the sewers, doors and Windows to enter.

    First, the prevention and control of environmental

    1, building pest prevention facilities in good condition, door, window, sewers, conform to the requirements of the pest prevention, harmful organisms into;

    2, as far as possible to reduce the harmful biological food source, correct storage of food, the intrusion of harmful biological breeding;

    3, perfecting the cleaning system, the internal and external environment clean, trash pickup in time;

    4, gardening plants properly set up and clip, avoid attract pests;

    5, and assess the light setting, to avoid attracting harmful organisms;

    6, maintain indoor dry, reduce harmful organisms can take advantage of the water;

    7, to keep the environment health, especially in the corner of the environmental health; Proper food storage, the same day pickup sealed garbage and waste, reducing food chain;

    In a timely manner to clean up sewage contamination; Clear clutter in time, etc., in order to reduce mosquitoes, flies, mice, cockroaches breeding grounds.

    8, door, window, pipe, tube well, ground and wall unnecessary crevices or holes should be plugging in a timely manner.

    9, drain, air conditioning pipe, water pipe, tube well should be covered and defend the net (pore size is less than 0.6 cm).

    10, by the door of the rat invasion or other building facilities should be timely repair, door frame with best tin (especially in the case of parts have been bite by the rat), or building block rat board.

    11, spare room in the face of the various items on a regular basis or cleaning, prevent mouse nesting sites.

    12, the door to door curtain, air curtain, activity Windows have insect-resistant facilities such as screen window.

    Second, physical prevention and control

    Attaches great importance to the physical control, improvement and large-scale application of traditional instruments.

    1, for rodents use sticky mouse board, mousetrap, rat-trap, electronic mousetrap, rat control device was used.

    2, against cockroaches using electronic absorbers, bombs, sticky bombs box, etc.

    Article 3, for flying insects fly, fly plate, electric shock mosquito lamp, stick to catch mosquito lamp, fly cage, etc.

    Third, chemical control

    Chemicals should be applied on demand, rather than the application on time.

    1, the directional applying pesticide formulations such as gel bait is given priority to;

    2, first choose a green attestation agents such as natural pyrethrin;

    3, chemicals and insect growth regulator (IGR), such as boric acid WeiDu type is given priority to.

    For door-to-door survey or learn more about the school education prevention plan, please call customer service hotline at 4008 571 328, our service consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

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