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    Food industry factory rat pest control scheme
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    Food industry factory rat pest control plan:

    The dangers of food factory in pests:

    1, direct harm of pests

    A. pests seriously influence the sense of raw materials and products, with direct economic losses.

    B. pest body or waste can cause microbial contamination of products, brought to consumer health threats;

    C. rodents can destroy houses, such as material, a direct loss;

    D. rat nibbling at wire, can cause electrical wiring short circuit caused by the fire;

    E. cockroaches, also known as the pests of the computer, can bite the computer lines caused by computer failure;

    F. pests around carrying dangerous microbes, can spread the plague, dysentery and other diseases.

    The solution:

    A, food plant pest risk management mainly environmental improvement, through the environment to improve to achieve the effect of pest prevention, general food plant pest prevention and control of environmental include:

    Construction, maintenance, one target pests prevention facilities in good condition, all the doors and Windows, pipes, conform to the requirements of the pest prevention;

    2, minimize provides food source for harmful organisms, proper food storage;

    3, keep clean and tidy, build and run the trash pickup system effectively;

    4, gardening plants properly set up and clip, avoid attract pests;

    5, and assess the light setting, to avoid attracting harmful organisms;

    6, maintain indoor dry, reduce harmful organisms can take advantage of the water;

    7, arrange daily cleaning job, and must have a regular and dismantling machine for cleaning and disinfection procedures;

    8, prior to loading of the product, it is necessary to carefully survey for loading vehicles;

    (on the right side the above text!

    The external environment of chemical control

    1, rodent control: according to the building outside the rat bait box on the stationary bromine regularly rat rat bait, and rats, and procrastination. ShuJi outside environment monitoring presence of rat holes, etc., and throw the bait in a timely manner, to eliminate rat. Against the fence around using rat bait box on a regular basis on the rat bait, the formation of rodents fixed feeding location, eliminate peripheral invade the rat.

    2, flying insects control: according to the peripheral flying insects breed place the following waterways, water Wells, septic tanks, etc on the relievers - regularly, kill larvae. Peripheral greening, river edge, garbage rooms, CMC, such as spraying chemicals on a regular basis, kill adult.

    3, the crawler control: according to the peripheral greening, building gap, easy to breed pests area such as CMC, regular inspection and spraying chemicals or cast bait, eliminate pest risk.

    Pest management control food safety standards:

    HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point)

    ISO22000 (food safety management system)

    (the American association of baking AIB establishment of professional food safety standards)

    The BRC (the BRC food technical standard)

    YUM, YUM food safety standards)

    For door-to-door survey or learn more about food factory industry control scheme, please call customer service hotline at 4008 571 328, our service consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

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